The object of Integrated Management System of BellGASS a.s. company is to perform activities in area of production, assembling, servicing, maintaining and reconstructing of designated technical equipment, in area of manufacturing and machining of metallurgical and simple metals, and realizing buildings and their changes.

Our company management is committed to ensure safety and health protection at work for all employees, to protect environment and prevent its pollution, to ensure needed profit and to meet customer requirement for continuous company development.

The company management has set the following IMS policy:

• Respond to the market needs, increase quality of services for customers, meet customer requirements, and ensure required technical level in accordance with relevant standards and generally valid legal provisions in area of Environment, OHS and Fire protection. To connect high standard of provided services with favourable prices.

• To prevent pollution of the Environment , to exercise preventive procedures and preventive actions in area of the Environment, OHS and Fire protection with the aim to minimalize possible unfavourable effects that comes from our company activities and from activities of our contractual partners.

• To use fully qualified personnel, and with regular education and practical trainings of our employees increase their awareness in area of the Environment, OHS and Fire protection at all company levels. To protect our company employees´ health by providing them with protective aids and by inspection of conditions of our technical equipment.

• To ensure identification and evaluation of provided services and works, to dwell on identification and evaluation of direct and indirect environmental aspects and safety risks in order to control them, prevent accidents, diseases and unwanted events.

• To determine IMS targets and programs and ensure their realization and maintenance. Systematically document, evaluate and check the condition and effectiveness of IMS and ensure immediate correction of found non-conformities. To use results of inspections in area of trainings and education. To provide resources for implementation and development of IMS in time.

• To respect legal and other requirements that follows from valid legislative in area of the Environment, OHS and Fire protection and exercise them for our own workers and also for contractual partners.

IMS Policy is obligatory for all employees, is documented, implemented , maintained and communicated with all personnel working at BellGASS Joint-stock Company, and is accessible to public.